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Teridion bietet ihren einzigartigen SD-WAN-Service jetzt in China an!

Teridion erweitert SD-WAN als Serviceangebot für das chinesische Festland! Jetzt können Unternehmen ihre Standorte auf dem chinesischen Festland mit IPsec und SD-WAN über ein kostengünstiges Breitband-Internet mit Carrier-Grade-Zuverlässigkeit und hoher Bandbreitenleistung verbinden. Und es entspricht den CDTIA-Bestimmungen des chinesischen MIIT.



Teridion for Enterprise - China


Cinque Terre

The Teridion For Enterprise Public Cloud Based WAN Service

Teridion for Enterprise delivers a fast, secure, and global WAN for your enterprise. It’s already connected to the SaaS applications and cloud platforms you use. We’ve built the network for you. You just add the sites and turn it on. Our WAN service is built on the networks of over 25 public cloud providers worldwide. like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, Digital Ocean, and many others.

This breadth is how we lead the market and provide over 300 points of presence globally. At the heart of the service is Teridion Curated Routing. This core technology makes Internet act like carrier-grade private WAN links. In fact, Teridion Curated Routing does so well at improving performance, we stand behind it with a carrier-grade service level agreement. Teridion’s public cloud based WAN service, powered by Teridion Curated Routing, can help solve many common WAN, SaaS application and cloud platform access issues.


Cinque Terre

MPLS Replacement

When considering SD-WAN vs MPLS, enterprises are concerned about:

  • The lack of stringent SLAs from MPLS network alternatives
  • Maintaining reliable worldwide performance and availability of traditional WAN technologies
  • Retaining simple, global billing

Teridion For Enterprise optimizes the middle-mile and allows enterprises to realize the full benefits of SD-WAN technology. Combined with SD-WAN’s first mile capabilities, it delivers performance and reliability consistent with MPLS. Availability, latency and loss, and MTTR is comparable to far more expensive MPLS services. If you have an existing SD-WAN solution, and you demand a rigorous end-to-end SLA, Teridion delivers it. Our proven overlay network and WAN accelerator already powers SaaS performance for top providers like Box, Atlassian, and Egnyte. Teridion For Enterprise is a snap-in integration to existing SD-WAN offers from all major vendors. It’s delivered as a true cloud service, and it’s flexible, easy and fast to deploy. It uses existing broadband Internet connections, so initiating the service is as simple as flipping the switch. We can be deployed in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.


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Cinque Terre

SaaS Acceleration

Dependence on the public Internet can cause global performance and reliability issues for SaaS applications. Both the enterprise and the SaaS provider lack the control and visibility necessary to address network performance problems, while users expect that cloud applications will perform as if they were hosted on-premises. Teridion For Enterprise brings visibility and control to SaaS application delivery by tracking application performance across all your sites and branch offices. Teridion optimizes throughput, latency, and loss between your organization and any SaaS application regardless of provider. And we don’t require dedicated access to the cloud provider, dedicated hardware, or additional subscriptions to the provider. Our cloud-based WAN service has hundreds of Virtual Points of Presence located in every data center globally for each of our 25+ cloud provider partners. Teridion delivers the best performance and reliability for your users anywhere in the world, so you can confidently select best-of-breed SaaS applications that fit your business needs

Cinque Terre

Cloud Access

Enterprises who run some or all of their compute workloads in the cloud, especially enterprises pursuing a multicloud strategy, must wrestle with:

  • Internet performance issues, preventing them from leveraging the full capabilities of the cloud
  • The costs of deploying expensive direct access circuits to handle those performance issues

Teridion For Enterprise lets you take full advantage of the benefits of a multicloud strategy by ensuring great network performance to any and all public cloud providers. Teridion requires no dedicated access to the cloud provider, no dedicated hardware, and no additional subscriptions to the provider. Teridion delivers outstanding multicloud performance through our global deployment of hundreds of Virtual Points of Presence. Teridion’s innovative cloud-based network spans public cloud providers all over the world: anywhere there is public cloud, Teridion has a point of presence. Our WAN accelerator always offloads the enterprise’s traffic at closest proximity to the workload.