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 FTP Alternative

  Replace FTP with a secure file sharing platform
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Exchange Files Easily

Traditional FTP lacks in ease-of-use and is a hassle for IT to manage. Thru offloads heavy file transfer processes, producing high ROI.

  • Send files of unlimited size by secure links
  • Know when files are downloaded by receiving instant notifications
  • Use existing applications with Plugins for Outlook, Salesforce.com, IBM Notes, and Sharepoint
  • Unburden on-site servers by offloading all large transfers to Thru





Improve Security Posture

Unlike FTP, Thru does not store files on unsecure servers. Instead, files are protected with monitoring tools and built-in security layers.

  • Track and report actions such as download, upload, and settings changes
  • Secure your file activities with encryption in transit and at rest
  • Protect sent files with password access authentication and download expiration controls



Send Files Fast and Reliably

International enterprises have to send files at all times of the day. Enable 24/7 uptime of file transfers no matter the geographical region.

  • Eliminate slow downloads via synced global data centers
  • Deliver mission-critical data efficiently with checkpoint restart
  • Transfer documents rapidly with Thru’s Content Delivery Network


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 Enterprise File Sync and Share
  Increase productivity and collaboration
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Work Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

Sync and share files with any corporate-issued or employee-owned device for secure collaboration.

  • Access files from all devices with sharing permissions and notifications
  • Collaborate around the clock on various projects simultaneously
  • Protect data at all times with full anti-virus scanning and encryption



Track, Audit and Control Data

Provide IT with powerful controls to monitor user actions, regulate access, and secure corporate data.

  • Maintain an audit trail of every action with extensive reporting capabilities
  • Control access SSO (single-sign-on) and Active Directory integration
  • Ensure secure data on lost or stolen devices with remote wipe

Integrate Seamlessly

Easily integrate with your infrastructure to maximize returns on technology investments.

  • Utilize Thru’s out-of-the-box Plugins for Outlook, Salesforce.com, IBM Notes, and SharePoint
  • Consolidate file sharing to a single platform across all business applications
  • Improve global availability of data via Thru’s Global Content Delivery Network
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 Managed File Transfer
  Completely control and secure the flow of files enterprise-wide
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Offload Large File Transfer to Single Platform

Consolidate all enterprise file exchange to Thru’s Managed File Transfer Platform where all files and folders are transferred and accessed only by authorized users.

  • Rapidly transfer files and folders of any size using Thru’s Global Content Delivery Network
  • Immediately integrate with existing apps with Plugins for Outlook, IBM Notes, and Salesforce.com
  • Enable documents to be made available on a website with permissions-based access with a Plugin for Microsoft SharePoint®




Protect Files at All Times

Secure corporate data in transfer and at rest with much more than just encryption. File transfers are protected by multiple features which can be locked down from a policy perspective or adjusted by the end user as necessary.

  • Keep information private in transfer and at rest with end-to-end encryption
  • Utilize multiple security settings such as replacing or removing files after clicking send
  • Set an expiration date for files, notifications on download of files, and an optional password requirement

Replace FTP Servers

Retire legacy FTP servers and do away with unattractive and difficult to use interfaces. Ensure that no matter where your customers and partners are located, uploads and downloads are fast and secure.

  • Rapidly and securely access files or folders from anywhere in the world
  • Transfer files of any size and file type
  • Set up company-branded file exchange portals to provide secure file exchange with partners and maintain brand consistency



Schedule, Integrate, and Control

With Thru Automate, schedule and centrally manage both internal and external complex business file transfers.

  • Schedule and manage from a single point of control to reduce the time needed to design, deploy and monitor highly-secure file transfer jobs in complex environments
  • Reduce IT overhead by managing hundreds of scheduled and live file transfer jobs with Thru Automate’s Job Monitor component
  • Meet security mandates and keep data confidential under regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI DSS by meeting requirements such as encryption, access control, authentication, monitoring, and more

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 Electronic Software Delivery
  Distribute software instantly to your global customer base
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Instantly Distribute Software Electronically

Reduce the latency and frustration of sending software across geographical distances with Thru’s Global Content Delivery Network. Greatly enhance user experience and enable business needs to be served efficiently, irrespective of location on the globe.

  • Send software releases and updates with high performance from the Thru Cloud, regardless of file size
  • Mirror files to selected data centers for rapid downloads anywhere around the world
  • Guarantee the delivery of software even when connections drop with checkpoint restart





Streamline Customer Support

Securely receive damaged databases from customers and easily distribute software patches and builds.

  • Resolve issues faster with rapid file delivery between customer service and clients
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing CRMs and case management systems to enhance customer support and improve satisfaction
  • Reduce administrative overhead


Revenue Recognition

Meet revenue recognition requirements in compliance with GAAP with Thru’s ability to perform an audit of all transactions.

  • Automatically log all software deliveries based on details of identity, unique tracking numbers, content, and time of transaction
  • Enable your CRM, such as Salesforce.com, to remain the single system of record on completion of all recipient software downloads
  • Guarantee 100% accuracy on revenue recognition, no erroneous delivery confirmation


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 Customer Portal Integrations
  Securely share files and folders in company Web portals
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Integrate Seamlessly

Incorporate secure back-end file exchange into company Web sites and Web portals while maintaining brand consistency.

  • Customize file exchange portals with company content and branding
  • Add file uploads of any size from customer-facing Web portals with advanced security and low latency connections
  • Receive files with multiple upload protocols: Browser, Java, Active-X, and HTML5


Protect Customer and Company Information

Guarantee the safety and privacy of company and client documents by circumventing unsecure messaging services.

  • Block malicious uploads with built-in antivirus scanning
  • Guarantee data privacy with encryption for all transactions
  • Enable all uploads to be performed only with an approved username and password

Track, Audit, and Monitor Actions

Meet compliance policies and regulations with Thru’s ability to track, filter, and report on multiple types of system transactions.

  • Run reports of actions such as uploads, downloads, and file deletions
  • Set notifications to track various file and folder activities
  • Search for any file by name, subject, tracking number, content, and date of transaction
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 Enterprise Content Collaboration
  Take virtual collaboration to the next level
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Collaborate in Real-Time

Connect all departments by giving your employees a virtual office experience.

  • Easily drag-and-drop documents into a secure virtual workplace to improve your organization’s ability to collaborate
  • Create, edit and access documents at your fingertips
  • Never lose track of the latest document versions and monitor all activities to minimize data loss and theft



Share Content Securely

Work together on a secure platform that even government and financial organizations trust.

  • Manage permissions for files and folders and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information
  • Keep your documents secure with mobile security features such as an audit trail of all actions for reporting
  • Ensure round-the-clock security with encryption and full antivirus scanning of all files and folders


Work with Any Device

With multiple mobile apps to access shared files, enable employees to always download or upload their latest presentations, designs, and documents.

  • Review updated projects instantly from your iPhone, Android, and Windows devices – whether you’re on or offline
  • Manage your file system or send files from Plugins for Outlook, Salesforce.com, IBM Notes, and SharePoint
  • Protect corporate data even on lost or stolen devices by instantly disabling mobile device access


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